Beginner to Advanced

Do it right from the start and avoid bad habits.
We have the expertise, equipment and passion to help you achieve good form.
This sport is not gender specific and can be enjoyed by young and old, it can be as relaxed or extreme as you want it to be and can be practiced anywhare you have a body of water like lakes, dams, rivers, the ocean and  canals.
Beginners course
Here we will teach all you need to know to get started and from there you can decide which discipline of the sport you want to persue. We will have you up and going within an hour, below are the the items you will be taught in your first lesson:
  • Board design and handling
  • Paddle handling and adjustment
  • Getting on the board and stance
  • Paddle stroke technique
  • Stopping and turning the board
  • Safety
Cost R350pp/hr
See below the more advanced disciplines we teach.
Wave Riding
Flatwater Racing
This is an extreme sport and involves a different skill-set to the other types of SUPing and will take even the most experienced waterman some time to master. It is not recommend for beginners and paddlers with little experience.
Safety is paramount as you will be exposed to the beautifull but harsh elements of the ocean which needs to be treated with respect.  
An average lesson takes 3hrs and requires our shuttle service .
Cost R350pp/hr
See our Rentals page for equipment hire. 
Great fun and a easier than conventional surfing, but be warned this is a fairly young sport and is not welcomed by the surfing community as a lot of SUPers enter the water without being aware  of the safety aspects and surfing etiquette.
We teach you the skill required to get out to the back line, how and which waves to take, surfing etiquette and the safety aspects.
The more time you spend on the water the better you will get at it but we will have you riding small waves in no time.
Cost R350pp/hr
See our Rentals page for equipment hire. 
This sport can be enjoyed anyware you have a flat body of water i.e. dams, rivers, canals, lakes etc.
To be competitive at it you need to learn the skill of drafting, paddle stroke, race strategy and various other aspects.  
It is the best SUP cardio workout and it will greatly increase your fitness levels.
Here you will be encouraged to take your fitness, skill and technique to the next level.  
A sport that requires ongoing training and a regular fitness routine.
Cost R350pp/hr
See our Rentals page for equipment hire. 
Please note: Equipment hire will be an additional charge if you do not have your own, please refer to our rentals page for costs.